Rack technology adds intelligence to data centers

Raritan's new asset management tags keep track of equipment even when it moves within a rack or from one rack to another.

New products from Raritan are intended to add intelligence to data center rack space that will allow managers to gather insight into managing energy, IT equipment and resources. The products called Smart Asset Tags and Sensors combine as a system to identify and track the location of IT assets down to a single U level in a rack. The Asset Management Tags adhere to IT devices and contain ID chips and barcodes. When a server is installed in a rack and its smart tag is connected to an Asset Management Sensor (ASM) bar, the system tells the data center manager exactly where the asset is located in the data center. The unique ID is communicated to Raritan's dcTrack software, or the user's existing asset-management software. If the server is moved to a new location in the same rack or to a different rack, the device ID and its new location are updated automatically in dcTrack. The modular AMS bars support racks of all sizes.

Other new products introduced into Raritan's portfolio of data center intelligence technology include the EMX Controller for asset and environmental management, and sensors that measure airlfow, air pressure and cooling.

You can see a video of the intelligent asset management tags in action here.

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