Webinar to examine cabling, density and heat containment in data centers

The data center environment is an ecosystem of high performance that requires extremely high capabilities in all spheres.

On Thursday, March 27 at 1:00 PM EDT, Cabling Installation & Maintenance will host a free, informative webcast seminar, entitled "Cabling, Density and Heat Containment in Data Centers." Sponsored by Belden, Chatsworth Products, and CommScope, the webinar will examine several areas of data center administration and the high levels of system performance needed to accommodate them.

The premise of the online event is as follows: The data center environment is an ecosystem of high performance that requires extremely high capabilities in all spheres, including cabling systems, physical architectures and air-management techniques. Ergo, the webcast will feature three separate presentations on the following topics:

Color-Coding Cabling Capabilities
This presentation explains the multiple performance levels of multimode fiber-optic cabling used in data center environments, as well as how and why specific colors (e.g. aqua, erika violet) designate certain performance levels. The presentation discusses the standards-based parameters for performance levels (OM3, OM4, etc.) and for the associated color coding.

Accommodating High-Density Cabling Connections
The ever-present mantra of data center network connectivity is to achieve more connections in less space, i.e. increase density. Structured cabling system providers have continuously responded to this requirement by building more-effective, more-space-efficient connectivity hardware and housing equipment. This presentation provides information on some of the latest technologies available to achieve highly dense cabling connections in a footprint that still enables the practical deployment and management of these connections.

The Rise of Hot Aisle Containment in Data Centers
High-performance, high-density network connections within data centers notoriously produce heat, which requires a careful and deliberate thermal-management strategy. This presentation describes the concept of hot-aisle containment, including its practical uses and some of the newest means of achieving such isolation. It also discusses some state-level government requirements addressing the use of containment systems in data center facilities.

The webcast's presenters will include: Dwayne Crawford, Product Line Manager Fiber Connectivity Solutions, Belden; Tom Cabral, Field Application Engineer, Chatsworth Products (CPI); and David Tanis, Director, Technical Education Services, CommScope.

Register for the webcast here.

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