Row-based cooling system fits in 12-inch footprint

Liebert says its newest, compact CRV system ‘fits seamlessly within a row of racks.’


Emerson Network Power recently introduced the Liebert CRV row-based cooling unit in a 12-inch (300mm) footprint, which is now available in North America. “The new Liebert CRV model is an air-cooled, direct-expansion (DX) unit with a nominal cooling capacity of 19.6kW,” Emerson Network Power said when announcing the system. “It offers double the footprint capacity of the standard air-cooled row-based system, and fits seamlessly within a row of racks to deliver energy-efficient, high-capacity cooling close to the server heat source.”

The system contains a digital scroll compressor, the company further explained, and variable-speed fans managed by Liebert iCOM technology “to deliver capacity-matched operation and enhanced efficiency.” The digital scroll compressor features modulation to match changing cooling demand without cycling on-and-off, while reducing energy consumption, Emerson Network Power said. Five variable-speed fans regulate airflow and reduce the fan input power based on the IT load, which results in the use of as much as 50 percent less power than is the case with centrifugal fans or two-stage fans typically used in these applications.


John Schneider, vice president and general manager of thermal management with Emerson Network Power, commented, “With the industry’s highest delivered row-based efficiency and most-advanced control and performance, the Liebert CRV is an ideal solution for data center managers looking to reduce energy consumption and optimize operating conditions for IT equipment. The new 300mm DX version of the Liebert CRV product line allows data centers to have a high-capacity and high-energy-efficiency row-based cooling system in just half the footprint of a standard row-based system.”

The Liebert iCOM control system, which is integrated into the CRV system, “adds intelligent control capabilities that allow the unit to adapt quickly to changing environmental conditions,” the company pointed out. “It provides advanced control and monitoring capabilities that allow up to 32 cooling units to work together as a single system to precisely control temperature and humidity across a room while optimizing the efficiency of the entire cooling system. The system utilizes up to 20 rack sensors per unit to monitor conditions, including variations in temperature and humidity for up to 10 racks, and smoothly adjusts the cooling output to match the conditions.”

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