Not-so-shocking truths about UPS safety

Q&A white paper from Eaton addresses risks associated with servicing data center UPS systems and how to reduce them.

When dealing with commercial and industrial electrical systems, such as uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems and their batteries, data center and facilities managers need to be aware of the risks, especially since some repair and maintenance procedures require working with a unit that is still energized. Featuring "a candid conversation about UPS service and safety," a new white paper from Eaton answers common questions about UPS maintenance and addresses how to reduce the risks associated with servicing UPS systems and batteries.

Questions addressed by the document include the following:

-- What types of services do UPS systems need?

-- What actions are taken during a preventive maintenance visit?

-- Who performs this service? Can we do it ourselves?

-- What will the service vendor’s field technicians do to work safely on my UPS?

-- What can we do to minimize risk?

-- How can we assess the safety practices of a service vendor?

Download the free white paper here.

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