'Big Data': What it means for IT and businesses

SAS recently issued its 2013 Big Data Survey Research Brief.

SAS, a specialist in business analytics software and services, recently issued its 2013 Big Data Survey Research Brief.

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"The big data phenomenon is facing a critical juncture in its lifespan," contends SAS. "The term is evolving into an all-encompassing concept, yet organizations are still grappling with what Big Data is, how it affects [them], and what they can do to prepare for bigger and more complex data in the future. While the hype is unavoidable, both business and IT groups struggle with basic questions about what it means to the organization and how to use it."

Respondents in survey provided insight into Big Data trends and the positioning of their current data management practices to meet these challenges. According to SAS, while Big Data is a common theme in the market, the survey shows that organizations continue to be wary of its impact -- and methodical in their approaches to deliver corresponding data management strategies.

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