Identifying efficiency and density-boosting upgrades for modern data centers

Eaton technical brief examines the task of cost-effectively readying data centers for power-hungry new technologies.

A recent white paper from Eaton explains why many data centers are ill-equipped to support today`s most important new technologies, and discusses why packaged power and cooling solutions can be a flawed way to upgrade existing facilities. The paper goes on to describe the core components of a data center upgrade strategy capable of enhancing efficiency and power density more completely and cost-effectively.

Authored by John W. Collins, Eaton's global segment manager for data centers, the paper's core premise is that "virtualization, cloud computing [along with] Big Data and converged infrastructures are rapidly transforming corporate IT. Unfortunately, though, the data centers many businesses rely on at present lack the power and cooling capacity to handle those technologies."

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In the paper's executive summary, Collins continues, "Worse yet, the packaged rack-based power and cooling modular solutions that some vendors claim increase the efficiency and power density of those data centers are both costly and inflexible. Utilizing best-of-breed power and cooling systems that maximize capacity and minimize waste without locking companies in to a limited set of deployment options and vendors is a far more effective approach."

The white paper explains why some data centers struggle to support the latest technologies, and looks at the disadvantages of using packaged power and cooling upgrade solutions. Components of a best-of-breed efficiency and power density upgrade strategy are recommended. The advantages of sophisticated UPS hardware and intelligent, compact power distribution are examined, as are options for flexible, high-efficiency containment systems with "intelligent, logical and complete management functionality."

Download the free white paper here.

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