Pre-configured data center cooling container from Rittal houses modular infrastructure

Rittal’s new cooling container is the latest addition to RiMatrix, the company's modular, standardized data center system.

Pre-configured data center cooling container from Rittal houses modular, standardized infrastructure
Pre-configured data center cooling container from Rittal houses modular, standardized infrastructure

Rittal has added a fully pre-configured data center cooling container to its RiMatrix S line of modular, standardized data center equipment. The new cooling solution works primarily with indirect free cooling technology, and as a result, it is extremely energy-efficient, asserts the company, with a power usage effectiveness (PUE) of up to 1.15. The cooling container

Rittal says the new cooling container can be installed in less than a day -- much faster than a conventional climate control solution, asserts the company. Available now, the new product consists of a high cube-type container frame (6.06 m length x 2.44 m width x 2.89 m height). A hydraulic enclosure, two cooling units and a free cooler are mounted onto the frame, while two cooling pipes and a power supply connect the climate control solution to the RiMatrix S data center.

As the container works primarily with indirect free cooling, there is no need to use an energy-intensive chiller (compressor) when the outside temperature is sufficiently low. Speed-controlled EC [electronically commutated] fans, redundant pumps, and a controller then automatically adapts output to the RiMatrix S server module’s cooling needs, ensuring very high energy efficiency – i.e. with a PUE of up to 1.15 in operation.

Three operating modes

The heat exchanger for indirect free cooling is filled with a water/glycol mixture and is capable of dissipating a heat output of 70 kW for the Single 6 version of RiMatrixS, or 100 kW for the Single 9 version. The two chillers are hooked up if outside temperatures rise – each of these redundant devices is rated 70 or 100 kW, respectively, ensuring a highly available cooling output. Three operating modes are possible, depending on the outside temperature: indirect free cooling alone, a hybrid mode using both free coolers and chillers, and chillers alone. Either the free coolers or the chillers, or both, use the redundant central pumping unit, depending on the operating mode.

Integrated monitoring and control

The cooling container is mass-produced, notes Rittal. Its smart controller ensures that the generated cooling output adapts to the changing requirements of the RiMatrix S server module. A network interface transmits recorded temperature data via SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) to Rittal’s RiZone management software, or to another DCIM (Data center Infrastructure Management) platform. In addition, this interface creates a link to a web server, where the user can adjust the cooling solution’s parameters and monitor its current status. In the event of a fault, floating signal contacts alert the administrator, enabling a rapid response.

Learn more at Rittal's website.

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