Siemon to educate on data center storage evolution

Upcoming educational webinar will cover recent trends, technologies and standards surrounding today’s SANs.

Siemon's Carrie Higbie
Siemon's Carrie Higbie

Siemon's Carrie Higbie

On October 2, 2014 at 1 p.m. EDT, network infrastructure specialist Siemon will present an educational webinar covering data center trends, technologies and standards surrounding today’s storage area networks (SANs). Entitled Data Center Storage Evolution, the talk will be presented by Carrie Higbie, Siemon’s global director of data center solutions and services.

“Storage solutions are plentiful, and there is no one size fits all for today’s data centers,” says Higbie. “While Fibre Channel remains the predominate SAN technology, Ethernet has some advantages such as speed, support for switched fabric topologies, interoperability and management. As a result, newer storage technologies like Fiber Channel over Ethernet and SCSI over IP are worth examining.”

A Siemon abstract describing the educational webinar states the following, "Data is growing at explosive rates in today’s business and has become the most valuable corporate asset, challenging today’s data center managers to effectively store and protect data while enabling fast, secure access. Big data and ever increasing data stores are increasing demands, giving way to new technologies and SAN designs using switched IP networks that provide increasing levels of manageability, interoperability and cost effectiveness. As 10 Gigabit Ethernet becomes increasingly popular for providing an open, standards-based data center infrastructure to support multiple technologies, leveraging IP and Ethernet for storage is a potential progression that is driving evolving storage technologies. It’s important for data center managers to understand the variety of storage architectures available, allowing them to make an informed choice depending on their specific needs."

In addition to examining the evolution of storage technologies and evolving standards, the "Data Center Storage Evolution" webinar will provide a Q&A segment for participants to interact with the presenter. Those registering for the event will gain access to the Siemon white paper of the same name.

To register for the free webinar on Oct. 2, visit:

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