Jury awards Server Technology $10M+ in patent suit brought against APC

Suit filed in 2006 alleged two of APC’s power distribution units violate Server Technology patents.

Server Technology announced on June 3 that a jury has awarded it damages that total $10,787,634 in a patent-infringement suit the company brought against APC. The suit was filed in December 2006—two months before APC was acquired by Schneider Electric. According to Server Technology, the patents involved are U.S. Patent Number 7,043,543 (Vertical-Mount Electrical Power Distribution Plugstrip) and U.S. Patent Number 7,702,771 (Electrical Power Distribution Device Having a Current Display). The earlier patent was issued on May 9, 2006 and the later one on April 20, 2010.

“The jury found APC’s AP7900 series and AP8900 series vertical, switched power distribution units infringed both of the Server Technology patents,” Server Technology said in a statement announcing the suit’s result.

Server Technology’s chief executive officer Brandon Ewing commented, “As a company, we are gratified by the jury’s verdict. These patents were the vision of Carrel Ewing, the founder of Server Technology. The jury verdict is a testament to his foresight and the innovations he introduced into the marketplace. This decision reaffirms the company’s belief that it should protect its patented innovations while growing its presence in the marketplace.”

APC by Schneider Electric did not immediately comment on the verdict.

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