CommScope's iTRACS boosts DCIM for usability, integration, data center efficiency

Oct. 10, 2014
iTRACS CPIM 3.4 is released.

iTRACS, a CommScope company providing open, enterprise-class data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solutions, has released its Converged Physical Infrastructure Management (CPIM) 3.4 to improve change management capabilities and enhance integrations between DCIM and third-party systems.

The company contends that DCIM is increasingly being used as a strategic asset to help maximize the delivery of IT services to businesses and the overall value of an organization's infrastructure investment. CPIM 3.4 is designed to continue the evolution of iTRACS’ award-winning DCIM platform in meeting this challenge.

“Whether it’s an enterprise or multi-tenant facility, data centers are increasingly leveraging DCIM to enhance agility and efficiency in response to the needs of their end-users,” comments Anand Ekbote, vice president of infrastructure management, CommScope. “The focus for data center operators usually revolves around speed and agility in relation to deploying new IT assets, getting actionable information on power and integrating DCIM with outside systems. CPIM 3.4 meets these demands with new usability features that offer convenience and accelerated workflows.”

According to the company, CPIM 3.4 offers a host of capability enhancements, including:

-- Faster DCIM deployments. A faster data import capability can help accelerate DCIM model-building and time-to-value for DCIM deployments.
-- Better integrations with outside systems. Improved guided conflict resolution (asset reconciliation) features help operators quickly resolve data conflicts that can arise when combining data from multiple systems.
-- Enhancements to operational monitoring with VMware and OSIsoft. CPIM 3.4 collects, aggregates, and analyzes new additional real-time data points on power, virtual machines and other key metrics, offering users faster access to and reporting on mission-critical information.
-- Optimized change management. Enhanced browser-based capabilities include improvements in commissioning and task management. Moves, adds and changes can be conducted faster to accelerate the delivery of IT services to the business.

The iTRACS CPIM software suite is globally available to CommScope customers and is supported through CommScope’s extensive PartnerPRO Network.

"End users have the expectation that IT services should be delivered almost instantly, and these expectations will only accelerate going forward,” asserts Jennifer Koppy, research director at IDC. “Solutions such as CPIM 3.4, which speeds the roll-out of new IT services while providing greater visibility into the power, cooling and environmental impact on the data center, will enable data center managers to rise to the challenge and ultimately deliver a better customer experience."

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