At-a-glance data center, IT infrastructure guide provides planning, construction, upgrade tips

Oct. 29, 2014
New guide from Rittal explains how to build and upgrade data centers of all sizes to meet future IT challenges.

Rittal has published a new 160-page publication entitled The world of IT infrastructures, a guide containing at-a-glance information on data center and IT infrastructures, as well as standards and applicable legislation. The latest addition to Rittal’s technology library, the company says the new guide empowers IT professionals and business executives to choose system components and IT infrastructure solutions that meet their organisation’s specific requirements.

The fourth volume of Rittal’s technology library explores the key success factors of IT infrastructures, including performance, availability, efficiency, geographical locations, and future-proof IT. The volume's practical advice includes formulas and tools for calculating data center energy efficiency. The publication also explains how seamless interoperation between individual components is vital to the infrastructure’s overall performance. To this end, the guide provides detailed information on Rittal’s modular offering -- comprising racks, power solutions, and cooling, monitoring and security systems. Practical tips help readers to find the cooling concept that best fulfills their needs.

The guide's author, Martin Kandziora, explains, “This Rittal guide also contains useful information and solutions for much larger projects, such as the planning, construction or upgrade of an entire data center.” He adds, “It explains how to build or upgrade data centres of all sizes to meet future IT challenges. What’s more, the publication clearly and concisely describes the benefits and potential applications of standardized data centers.

Download the guide here.

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