Foam blanking panels improve cooling efficiency in data center aisle containment layouts

Data Center Resources has launched its AirStrip foam blanking panel for its Cool Shield aisle containment product line.

Data Center Resources, LLC, a supplier of products and services for data center power, cooling and monitoring applications, has introduced its AirStrip foam blanking panel for its Cool Shield aisle containment product line. The company says the foam blanking panel provides a multi-purpose solution for air bypass and sealing open spaces in and around data center server cabinets.

"Filling blank spaces and gaps is crucial in IT spaces to prevent air mixing between supply and exhaust air within the cabinet," comments Data Center Resources co-founder, Rick Berendes. "Customers were looking for a filler product that was flexible and easy to install, so we developed the melamine resin foam base material that can be squeezed to fit into just about any space. A data center manager looking to maximize cooling efficiency will find numerous uses for Cool Shield AirStrips."

According to a company press release, as a data center aisle containment solution, the Cool Shield AirStrips can fill both horizontal and vertical spaces. Other applications include filling gaps between cabinets, sealing cable openings in raised floors or cutting out portions for smaller equipment or monitors. No clips, screws cage nuts or hardware are needed to install the Cool Shield AirStrips.

In terms of packaging, the company says that ten Cool Shield 1U AirStrips come fused together to make one panel; this fusing process results in no air loss between strips. Strips can be easily separated as needed; slitting along the sides of each panel allows them to quickly slip over standard 19 mounting rails. Blanking an entire cabinet takes less than one minute to install, claims the company. As the cabinet is populated, users simply remove the strips in those rack positions and re-purpose them in another location.

"The simplicity of installing this product and its multi-purpose use is key for IT staff and will save time and labor costs," concludes Berendes. "Further, the Cool Shield AirStrips will improve cooling efficiency in cold aisle/hot aisle layouts and can be critical to the effectiveness of aisle containment."

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