APC-Schneider Electric re-thinks UPS systems for home, SMB networks

July 8, 2014
New Back-UPS Connect from APC by Schneider Electric increases availability for home and small business networks.

Energy management specialist Schneider Electric has introduced the APC Back-UPS Connect BGE70, an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) designed to provide hours of back-up power for critical home network devices during extended power outages.

According to the company, the Back-UPS Connect "represents a revolutionary approach to home and small business power protection." Historically, UPS systems have been designed to power large loads (such as desktop computers) for limited periods of time during an outage, allowing users to save work and shut down PC equipment safely. Today, protecting wireless network connections via routers and modems is equally important as protecting PCs.

While a typical UPS provides run times of less than an hour, depending on the UPS and connected devices, the Back-UPS Connect powers small loads such as modems, routers and VoIP phones for approximately three and a half hours during a power outage. The BGE70 will also power a connected home hub, or charge smartphones and tablets during an extended outage.

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“This is a revolutionary approach to UPS design,” comments Michael Maiello, senior vice president, home and business networks, for Schneider Electric. “Consumers and small business owners can now ensure their mission critical devices – and access to their phone, important news updates, email and social media – will be available through the duration of an outage.”

In addition to maintaining network connection during power outages, the Back-UPS Connect protects devices from potential damage during outages and other power-related events such as voltage spikes, a reduction in input voltage, noise or unstable frequencies.

As the first installment of the APC by Schneider Electric’s Back-UPS Connect product family, the BGE70 has three battery backup and surge protected outlets with a maximum runtime of three hours at 10W. A one-touch reset button enables quick and easy recovery from short circuits and overloads.

The Back-UPS Connect is now available starting at $49.99 USD and comes with a three-year warranty.

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