Siemon webinar to examine need for low loss multi-fiber connectivity in data centers

April 29, 2014
Optical insertion loss budgets have become one of the top concerns among data center managers, especially in today’s large virtualized server environments.

Network infrastructure specialist Siemon has announced a new educational webinar that explains how low loss versions of the company's fiber connectivity products can help data center managers contend with today’s shrinking optical loss budgets, while supporting multiple mated pairs for flexible high-speed fiber channels. Entitled The Need for Low Loss Multifiber Connectivity in Today’s Data Center, the webinar will be presented by Carrie Higbie, Siemon’s global director of data center solutions and services, and will take place on May 15, 2014 at 1 p.m. EDT.

According to the company, optical insertion loss budgets have become one of the top concerns among data center managers, especially in today’s large virtualized server environments with new switch fabric architectures and higher speeds that result in longer-distance fiber backbone channels using MPO connectivity for networking and storage area network (SAN) applications.

Siemon notes that, with these more stringent insertion loss requirements, standard loss MPO connectors significantly limit the number of mated connections that can be deployed in a fiber channel. This has created the need for low loss fiber connectivity that can support multiple mated connections for flexibility and manageability over a wide range of distances and configurations while providing data center managers with sufficient loss headroom for deploying the latest high-speed fiber applications.

“There are many trends happening in the data center environment such as higher speeds, new non-blocking designs and software defined networking that benefit from the use of cross connects,” comments Higbie. “With cross connects requiring more passive connection points within a channel, low loss fiber connectivity is the key to staying within loss budgets -- especially in higher speed Ethernet and Fibre Channel applications that have more stringent loss requirements than ever before.”

To register for the free May 15th webinar, visit: Anyone who registers for the event will gain first access to the Siemon white paper of the same name.

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