Emerson's 'freecooling' chilled water system targets SMB data centers

Emerson Network Power says its Liebert HPC-S Freecooling Chiller is more effective than air economizers.

Emerson Network Power (NYSE: EMR) has introduced its Liebert HPC-S Chiller in the United States and Canada, now making the system available globally. Emerson says the unique "freecooling chiller" enables small to medium-size data centers to achieve breakthrough efficiencies by creating an end-to-end chilled water system with integrated controls that can help dramatically lower the facility’s power usage effectiveness (PUE) rating.

Optimized to supply chilled water to indoor data center thermal management equipment, the Liebert HPC-S Chiller features integrated freecooling technology that the company says is more effective than air economizers and mitigates the operational limitations and concerns commonly associated with the technology. The unit’s freecooling mode allows it to cool water using significantly less energy by reducing compressor usage when the external ambient temperatures are below the chilled water return temperature.

According to the company, the Liebert HPC-S Chiller has the additional advantage in data center applications of reliable operation below 0 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 18 degrees Celsius). The freecooling chiller employs an optimized design with over-sized components that enable it to operate at higher outdoor ambient temperatures (as high as 78 degrees Fahrenheit / 26 degrees Celsius), thereby maximizing time available for economizing operation.

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The integrated Liebert iCOM control system adds intelligent control capabilities that allow the unit to adapt quickly to changing environmental conditions and instantaneously move to free cooling mode whenever conditions are appropriate. The system is easily networked to provide efficient control of the chiller or group of chillers without the need for a separate building automation system.

Additionally, the Liebert HPC-S is compatible with the Liebert CRV row-based chilled water-based cooling unit. Coupling the Liebert CRV Optimized Aisle Control feature with cold aisle containment and the Liebert HPC-S chiller enables an end-to-end chilled water solution that offers increased energy efficiency and more control for the end user. The configuration is capable of achieving a mechanical PUE of 1.20, delivering maximum availability by ensuring that each watt of power is used to cool the servers.

“At a time when data centers are becoming more complex, companies are looking for more efficient real-time environmental control that helps improve operational efficiency and reduce operational expenditures,” comments John Schneider, vice president and general manager, thermal management, Emerson Network Power. “Equipped with technology such as the Liebert iCOM control system, EC condenser fans, and Copeland Scroll compressors, the Liebert HPC-S Chiller delivers up to 40 percent annual energy savings in data center applications over traditional products.”

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