Federal data center closures listed by agency

Nov. 30, 2012
DoD, federal govt. are closing ranks on data center consolidation, reports FCW.com.

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In a recent article, FCW.com's Frank Kankel reports that, so far, one out of every 13 U.S. Defense Department (DoD) data centers have been closed under the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative (FDCCI) -- and that the Pentagon has even bigger ambitions, if only they can pinpoint additional cost-savings.

By 2015, FDCCI aims to either close or consolidate about 1,200 of the nearly 2,900 identified federal data centers. A large number of those closings will come from the DoD, which operates 1,500 data centers, said a DoD spokesman.

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To date, reports Kankel, the "DoD has shut down 114 centers, or more than one-quarter of the 382 agency data centers closed since 2010, according to the Office of Management and Budget's latest figures." The DoD's stated goal is to pare down to a mere 250 data centers within the next 8 - 10 years.

The FCW.com report rounds up by listing the latest FDCCI data center closures by number per federal agency. The list is as follows:

DOD -- 114
Interior Department -- 42
Justice Department -- 38
Agriculture Department -- 32
Department of Health and Human Services -- 28
Transportation Department -- 26
Commerce Department -- 25
NASA -- 19
Department of Homeland Security -- 17
Environmental Protection Agency -- 15
Treasury Department -- 7
Labor Department -- 5
Energy Department -- 4
State Department -- 4
Department of Veterans Affairs -- 3
U.S. Agency for International Development -- 2
National Science Foundation -- 1

Full Story:
DOD on target with data center consolidation (fcw.com)

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