Guidelines for implementing data center operation, maintenance programs

New white paper from APC-Schneider Electric.

A new white paper from APC by Schneider Electric notes that inadequate maintenance and risk mitigation processes in the data center can quickly undermine a facility’s design intent. The company contends that it is, therefore, crucial for data center managers to understand how to properly structure and implement an operations and maintenance (O&M) program to achieve expected levels of performance.

"No facility design, regardless of how well planned and constructed, can withstand the disruption of a poorly designed or implemented O&M program," contends the paper. As such, the document defines a framework, known as the Tiered Infrastructure Maintenance Standard (TIMS), for aligning an existing or proposed maintenance program with a facility’s operational and performance requirements.

The framework is intended to make such programs easier to understand, communicate, and implement throughout an organization.

Read the white paper here.

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