Green Grid founder rails on DCIM flimflam

How many inferior platforms are there out there being tagged as legitimate DCIM?

In a recent blog at DatacenterDynamics, Green Grid founding director Larry Vertal rails on the current glut of "products, suites and services...out there tagged as Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solutions." How many platforms are there out there purported as legitimate DCIM? "I lost count awhile back when various trackers claimed the number had exceeded half a thousand," muses Vertal.

"The market space for DCIM today is the classic techie-driven mess that is as predicable as the daily sunrise," he adds. "We’ve got an acronym and heaven knows you just must have either an acronym or a great noun, like 'Cloud', to rally around. Once you’ve got that, you get the whole spectrum of types claiming their relevance."

Read the full blog here.

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