Integrated patching and cable-management system

January 6, 2009 -- VersaPOD includes vertical patch panels, which supply as many as 288 patching ports in the front and/or rear vertical space between two bayed cabinets.

VersaPOD data center solution integrates bayed data center cabinets with high density zero U vertical patching and cable management. It is available with a variety of integrated zero U vertical patch panels (VPP) for support of copper and fiber patching.

The VPPs supply up to 288 patching ports in the front and/or rear vertical space between two bayed cabinets without consuming horizontal mounting space. By freeing horizontal cabinet space, greater active equipment density may be realized, reducing the number of cabinets required by up to 20%. By utilizing the vertical space adjacent to the vertical mounting rails, the VPPs provide patching proximity to active equipment, minimizing patch cord runs and slack congestion.

Each VPP can slide forward from its mounting position, providing simplified access to the rear of the VPP. A 6U VPP option is available for mounting up to twelve 1 RMS or four 3RMS horizontal patch panels or fiber enclosures. Vertical 4-inch cable management fingers can be mounted alongside each VPP to facilitate routing of copper patch cords or fiber jumpers between patching fields as well as in cabinet-to-cabinet connections. Recessed corner posts provide unimpeded cabling access across the entire front and rear of multiple bayed units.

This system was designed to help maximize data center thermal management efficiency. Perforated front and rear doors offer more than 70% airflow.

Offered by Siemon

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