Data center curtains separate cold and hot aisles

January 6, 2009 -- The vinyl curtains are part of a system that provides physical separation of supply and return air in the data center.

These data center curtains are designed to offer enhanced cooling efficiency and substantial savings in energy costs. Vinyl curtains and clear partitions are built to effectively separate cold air aisles from warm air aisles, directing cool air where it is needed most in the data center--through the computer racks.

Softwall curtains and strip doors feature several patented mounting systems. Their T-bar mounting system incorporates an exclusive clip design, eliminating the need to drill in order to mount curtains. Data center curtains and strip doors are made from specially formulated vinyls that are low-outgassing and anti-static. These vinyls also meet the requirements of the California State Fire Marshall, ASTM, and the NFPA fire retardancy requirements.

Additionally, Data Center Curtains can be installed with heat-sensitive fuse links so that curtains drop away in case of a fire, allowing sprinkler systems to be fully functional.

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