Gigamon, SharkRack pair on enterprise data center management

The data access networking and intelligent infrastructure rack providers say they have teamed up to tackle data center pain points.

November 30, 2009 --Gigamon, a provider of data access networking platforms, and SharkRack, a supplier of infrastructure racks, announced a partnership to provide a centralized monitoring and analyzing solution to provide fault tolerant, high availability access to critical data center systems and while eliminating the need for configuration and change order management.

Combining SharkRack's physical infrastructure with Gigamon's intelligent GigaVUE platform enables enhanced management of complex issues that surround the data center ecosystem, maintains the companies. The combined platform aims to help CIOs, their network and security teams to better approach green IT initiatives, minimizing rack space and reducing capital expenses.

According to the companies, the combined Gigamon and SharkRack solution allows data center managers to: gain access to any data while reducing capital cost and enhancing green initiatives; centralize multiple network monitoring and security tools; provide multiple groups with access to critical data simultaneously and securely; reduce the cost to monitor data traversing high speed, 1G and 10G; connections eliminate SPAN port contention.

"Data centers are the heart of any company and the data that flows through that heart is vital to the health and success of the company," comments Kevin Jablonski, senior director, business development, Gigamon. "Teaming with SharkRack, we can physically provide a centralized tool environment for all analytical and monitoring solutions, where appropriate parties who have the 'need to know' can securely view the information 24x7."

"Together with Gigamon, we can leverage our longtime experience solving problems in today's complex data center landscape to transform data center management," adds Seth Schalet, president of SharkRack. "We're certain this innovative combination will provide our customers rapid ROI and the most advanced enterprise data center technology for network monitoring."

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