Emerson upgrades infrastructure power monitoring software

Oct. 28, 2009
The newest version of the Liebert NForm software features a new management dashboard, enhanced trending capabilities, and improved reporting, as well as expanded product support.

October 28, 2009 -- Emerson Network Power has released the latest version of its Liebert Nform infrastructure monitoring software, designed to establish a single point of management that makes it easier to expose potential downtime threats and react properly to network events within data center critical infrastructure.

According to the company, combining real-time monitoring with cost-effective deployment through the use of the existing network infrastructure, Liebert Nform monitors any simple network management protocol (SNMP) device that supports a network interface. The newest version of the software introduces a new management dashboard, enhanced trending capabilities and improved reporting, and also supports the recently launched Liebert MPX and Liebert MPH rack power distribution units.

The new Liebert Nform dashboard enables IT and data center managers to create a complete system view of all critical infrastructure equipment within the data center, allowing immediate response to changes in the critical system. It features graphs and charts that provide “at-a-glance” system views, including real-time status on each piece of equipment.

The dashboard also features detachable windows that take advantage of systems with multiple desktop monitors to allow access to more information. Navigating through the system allows IT and data center managers to quickly troubleshoot and understand the impact of events and issues. A detached alarms window ensures alarms and events have the appropriate visibility.

“A small problem in a data center can quickly escalate into a disaster. Knowing what is happening with power and cooling equipment can keep critical infrastructure systems at peak operating efficiency, which is vital to system reliability,” comments Anand Ekbote, vice president, Liebert monitoring, Emerson Network Power. “By utilizing a comprehensive approach to monitoring, Liebert Nform delivers the real-time data essential to maximizing critical system uptime given IT budget constraints and growing user demand.”

Liebert Nform now also offers trending of device performance information and the ability to easily export current and historical data to external sources to create reports that help IT and data center managers understand the efficiency and capacity of the data center. Trend reports can dynamically update at operator-defined intervals or on specific alarm-events, which prevents the system from creating unnecessary traffic on the IT network. Trend analysis and reporting capability helps companies detect changes in equipment performance by graphically illustrating its operation history, thus bringing attention to potentially system-affecting conditions before they threaten critical systems.

Liebert Nform can also increase the runtime of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems by sending shutdown commands to non-critical equipment. The software is also both scalable and adaptable to grow as systems expand and business needs change, according to Emerson.

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