Fujitsu unveils 600G hyperscale optical transport blade

March 4, 2019
Fujitsu says its new 1FINITY T600 platform delivers maximum performance, design flexibility, programmability and capacity for data center interconnect networks.

Fujitsu Network Communications, Inc. has announced the commercial availability of its 1FINITY T600 blade, the next-generation optical transponder in its carrier-grade transport family, enabling maximum performance and capacity for data center interconnect (DCI) and 5G transport networks. Per the company, "As network operators seek to progressively scale their networks, the new T600 blade offers an ideal evolution path, enabling flexible configurations, hyperscale transport capacity, automated operations and secure protection of critical data."

Leveraging Fujitsu's high-performance coherent DSP technology for terabit optical networking, the company says its innovative 1FINITY T600 blade "provides an optimum transport solution for reach, performance and power consumption, combining exceptional design flexibility and enhanced transport functions with leading space and power efficiency." The T600 delivers capacity with 600 Gbps single-wavelength transmission using 64QAM modulation at 75 GHz channel spacing. For campus, metro and long-haul DCI networks, the flexible T600 provides programmable modes from 200 to 600 Gbps, as well as improved optical performance and extended reach across all configurations supported by innovative modulation format and various FEC and baud rates. This new transponder also enables the highest spectral efficiency in the industry, claims Fujitsu, achieving up to 76.8 Tbps per single fiber by extending C-band transmission to the adjacent L-band, with comparable performance.

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“Disaggregated WDM systems such as Fujitsu’s 1FINITY transport product address a fast-growing market need for a stackable form factor that balances capacity and reach within an open environment,” asserts Jimmy Yu, Vice President, Optical Transport Market Research, Dell’Oro Group. “As such, we forecast demand for Disaggregated Transponder Units will grow at a five-year compounded annual growth rate of 27 percent, driven largely by data center interconnect and the migration to higher wavelength speeds.”

The core system software of the 1FINITY T600 offers open management interfaces and tools to allow for the highest levels of automation. Standard interfaces are complemented by newer M2M interfaces such as RESTful APIs, NETCONF and gNMI (gRPC Network Management Interface). To embrace various open industry initiatives the T600 supports YANG models from OpenConfig, Open ROADM and IETF. Operational automation of the T600 is further extended by supporting zero-touch provisioning (ZTP), streaming telemetry and LLDP snooping.

Further, to meet today’s demands for data protection, Fujitsu says the T600 offers the highest level of secure communications with multi-plane protection and physical security, designed to meet the requirements of the FIPS 140-2 cryptographic standard. The T600 employs industry-standard, end-to-end Layer 1 OTN encryption, complemented by fully secure management operations and key exchange protocols as well as special handling of critical security parameters. Physical security of the T600 is ensured by an option to disable unused management ports, tampering evidence proofing and full opacity of physical design.

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“The convergence of artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of things (IoT) and edge computing are transforming how ubiquitous video and data are delivered to the hyper-connected world,” concludes Rod Naphan, chief technology officer at Fujitsu Network Communications. “The best-in-class capabilities of the 1FINITY T600 enable service providers and hyperscale operators to scale their networks for explosive traffic growth while reducing cost per bit.”

To see a live demonstration of the 1FINITY T600, visit Fujitsu in Booth #2539 at the OFC Conference and Exhibition, from March 3-7, 2019, in San Diego.

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