May 23, 2013
The 2009 Atlantic hurricane season was ranked below average.

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The 2009 Atlantic hurricane season was ranked below average; the season featured the lowest number of tropical cyclones since 1997, and only one system, Claudette, made landfall in the United States. The most intense hurricane, Bill, was a powerful Cape Verde-type storm that affected areas from the Leeward Islands to Newfoundland.

Data center trends survey reveals gaps in cyber terrorism readinessOctober 2009 --The data center association AFCOM announced the results of its 2009/2010 Data Center Trends survey, offering perspective and insights on the major trends facing 436 commercial, government and college/university data centers throughout the world; with twenty percent of these facilities responsible for budgets of $10M plus.Significant findings of the survey reveal that though threat of cyber terrorism is real, it is not being adequately addressed by the world's keepers of the most confidential financial, military and personal data. “Our analysis also shows that data center managers need to develop more comprehensive cyber terrorism policies," states Jill Eckhaus, CEO of AFCOM.

Cyber terrorism has become even more prevalent in the past few years. From hackers attacking NATO computers to cyber-attacks in China, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, South Korea and the U.S., it’s not likely a threat that will go away any time soon. Data center professionals must be well-equipped to handle and respond to cyber terrorist attacks, but according to AFCOM’s survey, there’s considerable room for improvement.Respondents revealed that 60.9 percent of all data centers worldwide officially recognize cyber terrorism as a threat they need to deal with, but only a little over one-third (34.4 percent) have included it in their disaster/recovery plans, which would include their best defense plans if attacked. Read Full Article

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