The 2001 Atlantic hurricane season was a fairly active one.


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The 2001 Atlantic hurricane season was a fairly active season that produced 17 tropical cyclones, 15 named storms, nine hurricanes, and four major hurricanes. Due to their severe damage, the names Allison, Iris, and the most powerful hurricane, Michelle, were retired by the World Meteorological Organization.

Terrorist attacks spark demand for security systems -- The tragedies of Sept. 11, 2001 are forcing companies and institutions to build better security systems, and cable installers are being sought out for the work. Industry analysts say the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon are now sending shock waves throughout the cabling industry. As more companies seek out quality advanced security systems, demand for contractors who can install the systems increases. But some installers are "on the fence," saying they want to see more evidence before they delve too deeply into diversifying by installing cable for security systems. (Cabling Installation & Maintenance, Industry Spotlight, February 2002) Read Full Article

Cabling News Flashback - 2001

September 11 attacks raise awareness of the need for backup plans

World Trade Center's advanced firestopping credited with saving lives on 9/11

Researcher: Comms-networking segment among least affected by IT industry slowdown, post-9/11

Project manager recalls NYC installations following Sept. 11

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