Data center rack systems from Rittal enable energy efficient architecture for Brocade's San Jose data center

Aug. 19, 2010
The Brocade data center was designed from the ground up to incorporate Rittal rack systems for providing key elements of flexibility and energy efficiency.

URBANA, OH -- Rittal Corporation announced that it has provided data center rack systems for use in Brocade's (NASDAQ: BRCD) San Jose-based data center. The Brocade data center was designed from the ground up to incorporate the Rittal rack systems for providing key elements of flexibility, energy efficient architecture and sustainable design for the data center.

5,000 square-foot data center incorporates technology from Rittal that provides modular and scalable server and network rack equipment to support Brocade’s energy efficiency initiatives both now and into the future. Rittal says its freestanding data center rack systems have played a key role in the Brocade data center, providing server, switch and power management equipment capacity while supporting the optimized airflow design incorporated into Brocade’s hot aisle containment architecture.

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Brocade consolidated three San Jose-area data centers into the new facility, decreasing the physical footprint requirement by 30 percent and decreasing its data center energy consumption by 37 percent. With standardized management of cooling, power management and space management, the data center is designed to significantly reduce operating expenses and deliver long-term cost savings, says the company.

Highlights of the new Brocade data center include:

• The data center offers a flat-floor design that supports taller rack configurations, providing 12% more space within the same footprint.

• A design for in-row cooling and hot-row containment provides greater flexibility for equipment density changes while minimizing capital improvement costs, lowering required contruction time, and substantially decreasing energy costs.

• A static cable conveyance system for the critical infrastructure backbone of the data center, and a flexible conveyance system that enables frequent lower-cost configuration changes.

• Highly efficient chillers, cooling towers and pumps that are set for the highest efficiency at partial load, recognizing that full load is not expected to be reached for years.

• The design will achieve a lower space requirement and energy usage from the outset, along with a projected need for significantly lower usage of natural resources in the long term.

• The design allows a rapid response to the need for increased cooling for equipment reconfigurations.

“Rittal Corporation has enjoyed a long-standing relationship with Brocade since our products were first selected as their company standard for computer lab use many years ago,” noted Ken Fairleigh, President of Rittal Corporation. “As technology innovators, both Rittal and Brocade recognize the critical role that each component of data center infrastructure can play in achieving important design and operating efficiencies.”

“Rittal has been a key contributor to Brocade’s success,” said Michael Hirahara, Vice President, Global Real Estate, Facilities and Services at Brocade. “Brocade’s collaboration with Rittal has helped us achieve our data center vision of performance and flexibility, by incorporating design features such as a flat-floor design and taller racks, significantly reducing our physical footprint.”

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