Ultra-slim GigE cable optimizes rack, floor space

Jan. 29, 2010
The reduced-diameter MRJ21 system is about as thick as a No. 2 pencil and weighs 40 percent less than comparable four-pair systems, its manufacturer says.

The AMP Netconnect business unit of Tyco Electronics recently introduced the "ultra-slim" RD MRJ21 Gigabit Ethernet cabling system. At 0.36 inches in diameter, the cable is about the size of a Number 2 pencil, Tyco demonstrated when it unveiled the product at the BICSI Conference and Exhibition in mid-January. AMP Netconnect further stated the RD (Reduced Diamter) MRJ21 weighs 40 percent less than comparable four-pair cabling systems, occupes 45 percent less rack space, and requires 25 percent less power per port.

"Our ultra-slim RD MRJ21 cabling system is the thinnest Gigabit Ethernet cable available from Tyco Electronics," said Paul Woods, global director of marketing for AMP Netconnect. "We're excited to bring this innovative cabling technology to our customers and to the marketplace. It's the perfect solution for today's server-crowded data centers where space is at a premium. Tighter IT budgets coupled with escalating power costs are driving technology selection. The ultra-slim design of our RD MRJ21 cable improves airflow, dissipates heat more efficiently, and reduces overall power consumption."

According to the company, the system installs six to ten times faster than four-pair cabling and frequently reduces the cable management and routing problems of bundles cabling systems. Designed to support more posts per rack, the trimmed-down MRJ21 cabling system supports six ports of Gigabit Ethernet interface, which the company says dramatically increases the number of ports customers can include in a single rack. By comparison, AMP Netconnect points out, traditional four-pair cable bundles add weight and create clutter. The RD MRJ21 reduces cable mass, bend radius, and weight without sacrificing performance.

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