Seminar makes connection between virtualization and cabling

The event will also discuss forward-looking cabling choices and intelligent infrastructure management.

A web seminar that will be hosted by Cabling Installation & Maintenance on November 18 will make the connection between cabling and the cresting wave of server virtualization. The web seminar, entitled "Cabling Infrastructure for Emerging Applications," will include three presentations. One of them will be entitled "What virtualization means for cabling," and will be delivered by Frank Yang, technical marketing manager with CommScope's data center business unit. A description of Yang's presentation states it "explains the fundamentals of virtualization, its benefits for network managers and its impact on the network's cabling infrastructure."

The other presentations to be made during the seminar are entitled "Cabling today for tomorrow's high speeds," and "Intelligent management for all-scale cabling systems."

The impact of virtualization on data centers' structured cabling systems is beginning to come to light. Earlier this year Fluke Networks co-authored a white paper with Broadcom on the topic. Within that white paper, the authors expalined that in a virtualized data center, three facts about cabling will consistently hold true.

  1. Cabling will change.
  2. Cabling will outlive many computing, storage and networking assets.
  3. Failures of data center network cabling can impact even virtualized services.

Yang's presentation during the November 18 web seminar will dive deeper into this topic.

See more information on the web seminar "Cabling Infrastructure for Emerging Applications."

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