32-port Cat 5 KVM switches incorporate dual power supply

July 7, 2010
ATEN's KM Series KVMs are designed for data centers requiring secure access and control of multiple servers.

FOOTHILL RANCH, Calif. -- ATEN has introduced its 32-port CAT5 Matrix KVM switches for companies demanding enterprise KVMs with out-of-band and multimedia support. The new KM0932/KM0532 units are part of the company's ALTUSEN line of enterprise-class KVM offerings from ATEN.

The Matrix KVM switches offer high-quality video sessions for secure real-time control of an IT manager's entire data center device portfolio. ATEN also introduced the KM0032 Matrix Expansion KVM which enables users to expand the number of servers that can be controlled. Available now, the KM0932/KM0532/KM0032 are priced at $6699.95, $3999.95 and $3999.95, respectively.

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The KM0532 and KM0932 allow five and nine consoles to independently and simultaneously manage up to 32 directly connected servers. The switches can be daisy chained, cascaded, or both, providing flexible expansion configurations that allow up to nine consoles to control thousands of servers. These new CAT5 KVMs are ideal for secure data centers, network administrators with multi-user local access and remote management needs. For multimedia users, the new switches allow designers to access Mac graphical and Windows word processing environments.

An advanced Dual Root feature makes it possible to link two KM0932 switches to achieve an 18-console configuration that allows administrators to increase the number of consoles they deploy to match their growth requirements, and offers an ideal solution for applications that utilize multiple video displays. The KM0532 and KM0932 units are the first Matrix KVM switches to offer both audio and virtual media features. The audio capability is ideal for presentation facilities, multimedia and studio applications.

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"Our new Matrix KVM switches are designed with a dual power supply to minimize downtime and offer 24/7 reliability to ensure the highest level of availability for server rooms or data centers," explained Sampson Yang, CEO, ATEN Technology, Inc. "With high availability, high reliability, high integration, and high security, an ATEN Matrix KVM Switch is the best solution for large server rooms and data centers."

For more information, contact ATEN at (888) 999-ATEN or 949-428-1111, via the Web at www.aten-usa.com

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