Hitachi Data Systems says data center transformation is key

Customer findings illustrate the importance of an agile, virtualized, automated and cloud-ready data center. The question is: how to get there?

TOKYO -- Hitachi, Ltd. subsidiary Hitachi Data Systems Corporation is promoting its continued technology innovation to help organizations apply new efficiencies and capabilities to optimize data center infrastructure, while reclaiming storage and improving alignment with evolving business requirements.

The company maintains that such innovations, including cloud computing solutions aimed at reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) as pertains to the entire data center facility, were discussed at the recent Hitachi uVALUE Convention 2010, the largest annual corporate event hosted by the Corporate and Information Telecommunication and Systems Company of Hitachi, Ltd., at the Tokyo International Forum in Tokyo, Japan.

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Said Claus Mikkelsen, chief scientist, Hitachi Data Systems, "Data as a raw resource is of limited use. Organizations need an IT infrastructure that can transform data into usable information. Technologies rooted in virtualization and cloud computing are a strategic and cost-effective way to consolidate resources and build simple, flexible and sustainable infrastructures."

He added, "The result is a transformed, virtual data center that offers tangible benefits including efficiency, ease of management and cost savings."

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The theme of this year's Hitachi uVALUE Convention, held in conjunction with the company's 100th anniversary, was: Dependable Technologies for the Next 100 Years -- Accelerating Innovation of Society and Business through Collaborative Creation. The event showcased the research talent that exists across the Hitachi Group and the technology innovation that allows Hitachi, Ltd. and its subsidiaries to bring to market products and services "that improve lives and businesses." This year, Michael Hay, chief strategist of Strategic Product Operations and Planning at Hitachi Data Systems, presented findings on the value that improved storage solutions might bring to customers of today.

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