Application note from Belden breaks down fiber infrastructure for data centers

June 19, 2017
A new technical application note available from Belden is entitled, "Get Ready: New Fiber Infrastructure for Data Centers."

A new technical application note available from Belden is entitled, Get Ready: New Fiber Infrastructure for Data Centers. Authored by Belden's Technology and Applications Manager for Optical Fiber Systems, Qing Xu, the application note's abstract is as follows:

"As speeds increase, optical fiber cabling systems need to be upgraded to support larger data center footprints and growing data traffic bandwidth. In regard to optical fiber cabling standards, specifications have also been updated with improved link performance. Before new optical fiber infrastructure is deployed in data centers, there are a few essential checkpoints to keep in mind:

1. Determine the active equipment input/output (I/O) interface based on application types; 2. Choose optical link media based on reach and speed; 3. Verify optical fiber standards developed by standards bodies; 4. Validate link budget based on link distance and number of connection points.

In this document, we describe current technology trends and the latest industry standards for data center applications, providing referral guidelines for these four checkpoints."

Topics covered by the document include the following:

Checkpoint No. 1:Active Equipment I/O Interface

High-Speed Protocols

High-Speed I/O Interface

Next-Generation High-Speed Roadmap

Checkpoint No. 2:High-Speed Optical Fiber Link Media

Multimode Optical Transceivers

Singlemode Optical Transceivers

Optical Fiber Types

Checkpoint No. 3:Optical Fiber Standards

Multimode Fiber Standards

Singlemode Fiber Standards

Singlemode vs. Multimode

Checkpoint No. 4:Validate Link Budget

Validate MMF Link Budget

Validate SMF Link Budget

Future Fiber Infrastructure

Annex A:Multimode Fiber Links

Transmission Penalty in MMF Cable

Ethernet Link Model in MMF

Fibre Channel Link in MMF

Annex B:Singlemode Fiber Links

Ethernet Link Model in SMF

Fibre Channel Link Model in SMF

Annex C:Optical Fiber Connectors

Download Belden's Application Note here.

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