Huber+Suhner displays latest data center connectivity innovations for US market at Data Center World 2017

April 4, 2017
Huber+Suhner cites its corporate history of involvement in the modernization and future-proofing of large-scale data centers in a multitude of network systems around the world. 

Huber+Suhner, a Swiss-based international manufacturer of components and systems for optical and electrical connectivity applications, has unveiled its latest data center connectivity innovations for the US market at the Data Center World tradeshow, taking place this week in Los Angeles.

At the event, the company is showcasing its LISA side access system – designed to further improve flexibility, practicality and user-friendliness with regard to data center cross-connect solutions – as well as IANOS, billed as Huber+Suhner’s "most advanced and adaptable fiber management system to date." The expanded IANOS system offering is based on a modular cassette/tray solution. The company says the system facilitates rapid deployments as well as easy alterations for best-in-class handling and scalability, all of which are key factors in operating data centers today. The design allows complete customization and configuration offerings according to various customer needs.

Tony Walker, head of data center business development at Huber+Suhner, comments, “It is Huber+Suhner's pioneering modular network technology which has allowed it to be recognized across Europe for its ability to efficiently produce and integrate modern, reliable and future-proof data center technology. We now hope to bring this success to the US market, especially given that the US has some of the largest data center infrastructures in the world, providing a range of services from commercial, industrial, military and defense applications – all of which Huber+Suhner is capable of providing solutions for. Our presence at Data Center World Global is the perfect platform to demonstrate our technology to potential customers in the region and prove why we are a leading supplier in other regions.”

Huber+Suhner cites its corporate history of involvement in the modernization and future-proofing of large-scale data centers in a multitude of network systems around the world. The company notes that its 'Building Block' technology has seen the company upgrade outdated and inefficient networking infrastructures from a 10G serial to be capable of supporting a 40G and 100G parallel optics, a network that is modern, reliable and future-proof.

"Data centers in general face issues including overheating, limited network cable transmission range and reliability of service," adds a company press release. "These issues are directly addressed and mitigated through the integral modular and compact design of Huber+Suhner's data center solutions reducing the risk of system failures and maintaining a reliable, sustainable and cost effective communication infrastructure."

Data Center World Global visitors can view Huber+Suhner products at the company's booth #815, at the Los Angeles Convention Center from April 3-6.

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