Vertiv debuts Liebert EXS, integrated UPS for small spaces including edge deployments

The Liebert EXS adds to Vertiv's uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system portfolio, delivering more power in a smaller footprint.

Vertiv debuts Liebert EXS, integrated UPS for small spaces including edge deployments
Vertiv debuts Liebert EXS, integrated UPS for small spaces including edge deployments

Vertiv this month announced the availability of the Liebert EXS, a compact uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system designed to deliver reliable, integrated power protection for small spaces, including small and medium businesses (SMBs) and edge deployments. The new model's integrated tower design combines UPS, batteries, maintenance bypass, distribution and communications in a single, compact unit.

“Liebert EXS is designed with contractors, integrators and end-users in mind," says Kyle Keeper, vice president of global power offering management, Vertiv. "It packs a lot of power in a small space, delivering an efficient, reliable UPS solution that can be configured, deployed and serviced quickly and easily.

Available for order across the Americas in 10, 15 and 20 kVA/kW, three-phase, 208/220V models, the Liebert EXS can support single and three-phase critical loads. Per Vertiv, "With an integrated, optimized power approach, the Liebert EXS reduces footprint and complexity, making configuration and deployment fast and easy. High-efficiency operation reduces energy costs and a high power factor delivers 10-20 percent more power per unit than competitive UPS systems."

The Liebert EXS can provide flexible battery runtimes depending on the number of internal battery strings deployed. The 10kVA UPS can be optioned with 1 to 4 strings, while the 15 and 20kVA models offer 2 to 4 strings. The company further contends that the Liebert EXS delivers over 93 percent efficiency in double conversion mode, and 99 percent efficiency in eco-mode, ensuring a lower total cost of ownership. Flexible power output distribution (PODs) can be configured with varied receptacle types for more convenient and fast connections, reducing installation costs compared to traditional wall-mount panel distribution.

The Liebert EXS provides intelligent communications to network and building management systems and includes the option to use the associated Trellis Power Insight application that supports real-time trending performance and the ability to manage multiple UPS systems. Local service and support is available through a number of programs using Vertiv Services, including emergency and 24x7 coverage. Remote monitoring using Vertiv LIFE Services can bring peace of mind to critical system management, especially distant locations.

“The Liebert EXS adds to what already was the industry’s most complete portfolio of right-sized UPS solutions for data center and edge facilities," concludes Vertiv's Keeper. Additional information on Liebert EXS is available at For more information on the full portfolio of Vertiv UPS solutions, visit

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