CNet Training graduates first class of Masters Degree in Data Center Leadership and Management

CNet, an associate college of Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, UK, celebrated the graduates’ accomplishments after three years of intense study.

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CNet Training recently celebrated the first graduation ceremony for the Masters Degree in Data Center Leadership and Management program. “After an intense three years of study, learners from the class of 2015 graduated at a ceremony in the famous university city of Cambridge, UK, including one of CNet’s technical instructors, Pat Drew,” CNet said. “In addition to being the global leader in technical education for the data center sector, CNet is an Associate College of Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, UK, and is therefore approved to design and deliver the content of this prestigious Masters Degree program.”

CNet added that the graduates joined the program “from some of the world’s most respected organizations, including Unilever, Capital One, IBM, Irish Life, and Wirewerks. Each committed to a three-year distance-learning program to unit their existing knowledge and skills with new learning centered around leadership and business management within a data center environment.”

The graduates are, left to right, Jennifer Quayle, David Hughes, Sean Moloney, Mladen Loncar, Stuart Leddie, Raymond Del Rio, Pat Drew, and Nicolas Saab.

The Masters Degree in Data Center Leadership and Management program was created because of the need to expand existing skills and knowledge of technical managers into business leadership, CNet added. “Arming them with contemporary knowledge and capability to manage business imperatives and therefore have a bigger impact on the business itself to contribute to growth, innovation and insight.” The CNet team, along with industry experts from around the world, write the program’s content, the organization added.

Dr. Terri Simpkin, CNet’s higher and further education principal and leader of this Masters Degree program, commented, “I am delighted that learners from the world’s first Masters Degree in Data Center Leadership and Management have passed and graduated. What an amazing achievement for both CNet team and the graduates. I feel very proud to be part of it. The Masters Degree is a program that never stands still, just like the data center sector itself. We are continually enhancing the content to accurately reflect the ever-evolving needs of the sector and the people within it.”

Andrew Stevens, CNet Training’s chief executive officer and managing director, added, “This is another global first for the CNet team and the global data center sector. Huge congratulations to all the graduates and our own technical instructor Pat Drew. Their commitment and hard work the last three years is all worth it as they are now recognized as the global elite in data center leadership. The popularity of the Masters Degree program remains high as enrollment numbers continue to surpass our expectations with applications from all corners of the globe. We look forward to ongoing annual graduation ceremonies.”

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