Hardware for large-scale data center video streaming applications fits in tight rack space

Oct. 19, 2018
Aupera's Aup260x distributed video processing system for data centers tackles the challenges faced by video streaming applications at scale requiring real-time video transcoding and video content analytics.

Aupera's Aup260x distributed video processing system for data centers tackles the challenges faced by video streaming applications at scale requiring real-time video transcoding and video content analytics.

Aupera Technologies, Inc. a technology innovator dedicated to providing video processing solutions for data centers, announced the general availability of its Aup2600 series system, based on the latest Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC, designed for tackling the challenges faced by video streaming applications at scale requiring real-time video transcoding and video content analytics.

The Aupera Aup260x distributed video processing system is billed as "a disruptive technology for data centers, as it negates the need for traditional x86 processors."A fully loaded system, the new box contains 48 Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC units,and handles 380 concurrent video streams, delivering 3.3x more performance at 1/10th the energy cost than current competitive solutions, while using 1/10th the rack space compared to traditional x86 solutions, according to the manufacturer.

Aupera says it is also closely collaborating with Xilinx to develop various Machine Learning algorithms, enabling real-time AI-based video analytics and search functionality. These new capabilities will be hardware-accelerated on the Aup260x without the need to replace or upgrade any hardware.

“Our high-density FPGA-based video processing system is now qualified for large scale deployment. It is providing a truly disruptive online video processing solution that will help our customers achieve 33x performance per watt, at a fraction of TCO, while delivering high quality video service to end users. We believe we are changing the landscape of video processing in data centers,” comments Roy Liao, CEO of Aupera Technologies.

“We are extremely excited to see such innovation coming from our partner Aupera, who are using ourtechnology and delivering a game-changing platform for large-scale video streaming applications. This is also helping us deliver on our ‘data center first’ strategy,” adds Said Ramine, VP of software product planning at Xilinx. “We will continue to closely collaborate with Aupera throughout the deployment, to extend the capabilities of this platform, using our adaptable hardware and AI technology.”

Aupera Technologies showcased the new system at the XDF Beijing show, where its experts also hosted a breakout session titled “AI power FPGA based video transcoding for real time applications."


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