Adjustable Containment System for Data Centers

April 11, 2024
Chatsworth Products’ Elevate solution incorporates a telescope design and forms a duct that connects the cabinet to the overhead drop ceiling.

Chatsworth Products recently introduced the Elevate Adjustable Containment Solution, which is optimized for the company’s ZetaFrame Cabinet System. It aligns with ZetaFrame’s cabinet widths, supporting both hot-aisle containment and row-level vertical exhaust duct applications. Elevate’s telescoping design is adaptable, and creates a duct that connects the cabinet to the overhead drop ceiling. This design and capability allows for quick adjustments to the containment, Chatsworth explained when introducing the system.

The Elevate panels are preassembled, which eliminates the need for on-site fabrication of metals or panels, as well as eliminating on-site drilling. A sliding service panel allows access to the cabling infrastructure and other overhead structures, which permits adjustments and repairs with minimal disruption.

The hot-aisle containment system “links two rows of cabinets, forming a sealed pathway that channels hot air from the cabinet tops to an overhead drop ceiling,” the company explains in an application note for the system. “This creates an efficient closed hot air return system. The solution features a telescoping two-piece panel that precisely fits between the cabinet roof and the ceiling, allowing for seamless adjustment to form a duct connecting the ZetaFrame cabinet to the ceiling and eliminating the need for custom modifications on site.”

The system for row-level vertical exhaust “offers a cutting-edge approach to improving data center efficiency through effective hot air management,” Chatsworth adds. “This innovative system is designed for a single row of cabinets, forming a sealed pathway that channels hot air from the tops of the cabinets to an overhead drop ceiling.”

The illustrations on this page are taken from Chatsworth’s application sheets, depicting the Elevate solution’s use in single-row and multiple-row setups.

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