Molex purchases Luxtera's active optical cable business

Companies also agree to work together to develop cables serving 25-Gbit/sec and higher data rates.

Molex has acquired Luxtera's active optical cable (AOC) business. Under terms of the acquisition, Luxtera will transfer all aspects of its existing and future AOC business to Molex, including current QSFP+ 40-Gbit/sec Ethernet and InfiniBand products and customers. The acquisition also includes an exclusive agreement for Luxtera to develop and supply advanced chipsets for future Molex products, based on Luxtera's silicon photonics technology. A statement said the companies will work together on future product planning to provide customers with interconnect solutions at 10, 14 and 25 Gbits/sec, as well as faster data rates.

Doug Busch, vice president and general manager of Molex's global fiber-optic products group, said the acquisition, "immediately adds QSFP+ 40-Gbit/sec products to our existing portfolio and further contributes to our tradition of innovation for customers, allowing them to deliver high-performance products. We are very excited to be partnering with Luxtera on future AOC development because the combination of our interconnect expertise with Luxtera's long-reach, low-power and low-bit-error-rate optical solutions will enable us to offer the highest level of photonics integration and performance available."

Luxtera's chief executive officer Greg Young said, "This agreement is a milestone validating the growing commercial significance of silicon photonics. Luxtera will continue to accelerate its growth by focusing on our core silicon photonics technology platform, while at the same time expanding the reach of our technology to global markets and customers. Partnering with Molex will help us bring the benefits of silicon photonics to customers worldwide."

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