3 pre-emptive steps to futureproofing fiber trunks

The second report in Fluke Networks' "Fiber Truths" series explains how to get the most out of preterminated MPO/MTP fiber cabling systems.

After explaining to the industry that yes, there is in fact a need to test preterminated fiber cabling systems in the field, Fluke Networks has moved on to the second part (of a planned eight-part series) in its Fiber Truths campaign.

Part 2 from the test-equipment manufacturer addresses the ability to "futureproof" a network through the use of preterminated fiber-optic trunks. It explains: "New topologies employing preterminated trunks coupled with fiber cassettes provide a robust futureproofed cabling infrastructure that is ready for easy upgrades to 10G, 40G and 100G application speeds."

However, Fluke Networks adds, "True futureproofing can only occur if pre-emptive steps are taken during the initial installation as well as any time the links are disconnected." The report lists the following three pre-emptive steps that should be taken to ensure users maximize the "futureproof" capabilities of preterminated trunks.

  1. Visually inspect each fiber endface.
  2. Certify thath the overall optical loss meets or exceeds standard requirements.
  3. Certify the optical reflection loss of each individual connection.

The report goes into detail about the steps and tools that should be used to accomplish these three pre-emptive steps.

You can download the report here.

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