Samsung Fiber Optics becomes OEM distribution partner for RiT's managed data center infrastructure platform

As the partnership’s first project, Samsung has deployed RiT's PatchView IIM system in one of Korea’s largest convention and exhibition centers.

Tel Aviv, Israel -- RiT Technologies (NASDAQ: RITT), a provider of intelligent infrastructure management solutions, announced that it has formed a strategic partnership with Samsung Fiber Optics under which Samsung Fiber Optics will market, sell and distribute RiT’s PatchView intelligent infrastructure management (IIM) solution on an OEM basis.

“We are extremely excited about this milestone partnership. The new relationship has already contributed its first significant deal and we believe it will make a strong impact on our sales success in the future,” commented Eran Ayzik, RiT’s President & CEO. “We are committed to work closely with Samsung Fiber Optics to bring PatchView’s proven benefits to its top-tier customers. In parallel, we will continue working to establish additional partnerships as the key for expanding our reach into additional high-potential regions.”

As the partnership’s first project, Samsung Fiber Optics has deployed a cutting-edge PatchView IIM system in one of Korea’s largest convention and exhibition centers. According to RiT, this highly visible installation demonstrates the growing traction of the managed infrastructure concept throughout Korea, a market where managed infrastructure systems are becoming ubiquitous in residential, enterprise and commercial settings.

Ayzik added, “The fact that this industry player feels the need to add IIM to its portfolio reflects a sharp rise in market demand, especially in its home market of Korea. This is an encouraging trend for RiT, which is recognized as the most experienced IIM player by far, with reliable, field-proven technologies and support capabilities.”

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