Cabling and cloud computing discussed in white paper

Feb. 11, 2011
Document from CommScope defines the nebulous term 'cloud computing' then ties it to another buzzword, virtualization.

A white paper authored by CommScope describes what cloud computing is and how it may affect structured cabling systems. Entitled "Into the Clouds ..." the paper first moves the phrase "cloud computing" from a nebulous term to a more-concrete concept. It then discusses the impact of cloud computing on information technology (IT) systems. That portion of the paper says four characteristics define the experience of cloud computing and differentiate it from previous forms of application delivery.

  1. Scalability/flexibility/adaptability/agility
  2. Self-service automation
  3. Measured service
  4. Security assurance

The paper discusses the ubiquitous catch phrases cloud computing and virtualization, explaining why the two are intertwined. It then details the impact that cloud computing likely will have on network design and cabling. It says that ultimately, cloud computing "will drive the adoption of 40 and 100 Gbps Ethernet ports in the data center environment environment. Initially 40 Gbps uplinks to support 10 Gbps access capacity to hosts were used, but eventually 40 Gbps to the host with corresponding 100 Gbps uplinks to the central switching/routing fabric will be used."

It also recommends the move to OM4 fiber, and preterminated systems at that.

The paper is available for free download from the CommScope website.

Download the white paper here.

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