White paper says IT should take control of cloud initiatives

If IT doesn't embrace the cloud, the technology may become a threat to IT's survival, contends the UK-based information security specialist firm Integralis.

A white paper from NTT Communications Group company Integralis (UK) contends that organizations' information technology (IT) units should ideally "take control of cloud initiatives, working with the business to define expectations and outcomes."

Authored by Alastair Broom and titled Journey to Cloud 9: Navigating a path to secure cloud computing, the white paper contends that "if IT doesn't embrace the cloud, [the technology] may become a threat to [IT's] survival, as business units with money to spend will circumvent IT and go directly to the cloud provider on the promise of cheaper services, much faster time to service, tighter SLAs, and more flexible service delivery."

While noting that security and compliance continue to be the main barriers to cloud adoption, the paper goes on to conclude that "organizations are right to hesitate before starting the journey to the cloud."

The document is available at the UK business technology site, IThound.com. You can download it here.

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