Modular data center campus to highlight Uptime Institute Symposium

Event also will feature more than 120 sessions and carry a theme of Digital Infrastructure Convergence.

The Uptime Institute's seventh annual Symposium, to be held May 14 through 17 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA, will feature a campus of modular data centers within the convention hall. Organizers explain that attendees will have "an unprecedented opportunity to actually walk through the leading modular data center designs and make side-by-side comparisons, enabling a better understanding of their respective pros and cons for more effective decision-making." The Uptime Institute added that guided tours and expert briefings on the modular data center units will be offered by the four organizations displaying them - Active Power, Digital Realty, IO and Schneider Electric.

The conference's theme is Digital Infrastructure Convergence. Program director Matt Stansberry said this year's symposium "comes at a critical juncture for the data center industry. We are in the midst of a digital infrastructure convergence whereby IT and facilities management must develop and adopt a common language, shared metrics and meaningful key performance indicators in order to meet the rapidly evolving computing demands of businesses."

The symposium will include more than 120 presentations and sessions. You can find more detail here.

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