CommScope repeats, Tweets 430-meter 100G multimode transmission

Sept. 17, 2012
Showing the London and Hong Kong demos were no flukes, CommScope again shows OM4's capabilities at Datacenter Dynamics Converged in Shanghai.

At the Datacenter Dynamics Converged event in Shanghai, CommScope collaborated with Ixia to once again publicly demonstrate the transmission of 100-Gbit Ethernet data for a length of 430 meters over "off-the-shelf multimode fiber-optic cabling," the company says. The demonstration "took place using Systimax InstaPatch 360 fiber cable assemblies and LazrSpeed 550 OM4 fiber," CommScope added. CommScope and Ixia provided similar public demonstrations of that transmission rate and distance at Cisco Live in London this past January, and at Datacenter Dynamics Converged in Hong Kong in June.

The image that appears at the bottom of this page is a Tweet from CommScope's James Young (Twitter handle: @10GNYOU) from the Shanghai demonstration. You can go directly to the photo Tweet here.

CommScope emphasizes that the demonstration shows "companies will be able to develop a futureproofed communications networks foundation that does not require re-engineering of existing networks or deploy new cable when they evolve to 100G."

Jian Wu, national technical manager for Greater China with CommScope, commented, "Businesses need to understand the importance of creating intelligent networks that are based on futureproofed communications framework, especially when two-thirds of network failure is because of cabling infrastructure. In China, a region where businesses put heavy emphasis on cost-efficiency and high-productivity, it is the quality of connection that counts the most, and this successful demonstration proves the value high-performance cabling infrastructure can bring."

Ixia develops testing solutions for high-speed Ethernet (HSE) technologies. The company's HSE products are in their second generation and feature high-density and full-layer (1-7) testing, the company says.

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