The top 6 data center physical layer best practices

Sept. 12, 2012
Detailed technology brief from Taneja Group explains.

A July 2012 technology brief from technology analyst firm Taneja Group details the top six physical layer best practices for maintaining fiber-optic connectivity in today's high speed data centers.

According to the paper, the top six physical layer best practices for fiber-optic data centers are as follows:

Design and Implementation

1. Manage links to protocols
2. Don’t "mix and match" cables
3. Cheap glass isn’t a bargain

Operations and Maintenance

4. Test links (or fail)
5. Clean cables (or fail)
6. Bend glass only intentionally

The paper considers the tighter requirements of higher speed protocols and examines the critical reasons why standard fiber cabling designs may not be "up to speed." The discussion introduces certain re-design considerations and also looks at how an improperly maintained plant can easily degrade or defeat higher speed network protocols, including some real world fiber-optic troubleshooting experiences drawn from experienced field experts.

Download the white paper here.

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