White paper stresses proper maintenance of data center fiber-optic infrastructure

CommScope document stresses that that "best practices" procedures for fiber infrastructure be adopted not only by installation contractors, but also by end-users.

A new white paper from CommScope, is entitled How To Properly Maintain A Fiber Optic Infrastructure: Best Practices to Minimize Damage and Failures. Authored by Rodney Casteel, RCDD, NTS, OSP and technical manager for the company, the paper lists proper procedural guidelines for installing and maintaining fiber-optic infrastructures in data centers.

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In the document, Casteel stresses that, "It is imperative that 'best practices' procedures be adopted not only by the installation contractors, but also by the end-user. While business partners/contractors go through training programs that teach them how to properly install, clean and test fiber-optic infrastructures, if the end-user does not implement those same policies for the daily maintenance of those systems, the systems can quickly become unusable."

Casteel goes on, "This can create a strain on the relationships between end-users, contractors and manufacturers -- because, if a system fails, who ultimately is to blame? So, to minimize this issue, everyone should be responsible for adopting and implementing the following best practices guidelines."

Download the white paper here.

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