CommScope adds pre-terminated fiber connectivity to IBM's Portable Modular Data Center

CommScope Enterprise Solutions is teaming with IBM on its Fiber Transport System (FTS) S-Line Solution, a pre-terminated fiber optic platform that can be integrated into IBM’s Portable Modular Data Center (PMDC).

CommScope Enterprise Solutions, a division of CommScope, Inc. (NYSE: CTV), is teaming up with IBM on its Fiber Transport System (FTS) S-Line Solution, a pre-terminated fiber optic solution that can be integrated into IBM’s Portable Modular Data Center (PMDC).

Developed in tandem with CommScope and its SYSTIMAX brand, the IBM FTS S-Line solution capitalizes on CommScope’s 40 years of expertise in the development and production of fiber optics. Leveraging the SYSTIMAX InstaPATCH solution with the IBM suite of server (IBM zSeries) and storage area network products, the system may expand data center productivity and scalability while lowering costs, maintain the companies.

In addition, the system's pre-terminated hardware gives installers the ability to quickly connect system components together while safeguarding bandwidth needs within these portable data centers, notes IBM. Also, with CommScope’s port dust covers, installers don’t have to worry about interference or network problems caused by outside debris.

“When IBM came to us looking for a fiber-optic solution that could support its PMDC system, a key issue for them was speed. They needed a solution that could make their mobile data centers fully operational very quickly to ensure maximum uptime,” says Luc Adriaenssens, senior vice president of research and development, CommScope Enterprise Solutions. “Our pre-terminated fiber solution alleviated the issue in more ways than one. Its many features make it ideal for the rugged and demanding network environments where IBM’s PMDC system is deployed.”

IBM says its PMDC system provides a fully-functional, mobile data center that allows for quick deployment and installation into any environment. With a PMDC system, IT departments may quickly and easily expand their data center capacity to address critical bandwidth needs. As part of the system, the IBM FTS S-Line of cables includes pre-terminated hardware, trunk cables, direct-harness cables, standard fiber patch cords and additional supporting hardware.

In addition to its pre-terminated design, the trunk cabling system provides more efficient use of space, notes IBM, which is critical in any containerized data center solution. The FTS S-Line is also compatible with CommScope’s complete line of network infrastructure solutions including its SYSTIMAX iPatch Intelligent Patching System and 10Gb/s copper cabling. The FTS S-Line is currently available through IBM as part of its PMDC system and is backed by CommScope’s global network of sales and technical support personnel.

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