Podcast discusses data center cabling, trends

AMPNetconnect's Ken Hall talks about high-speed cabling in corporate data centers and the MRJ21 interface.

A downloadable podcast now available from Cabling Installation & Maintenance features an in-depth conversation with Ken Hall, Tyco Electronics AMPNetconnect's global data center program manager. The MRJ21 interface was Hall's brainchild. In this podcast he talks a little bit about the MRJ21 and some of the recent developments and refinements made to it. But he also discusses the macro drivers of high-speed data center cabling and connectivity.

Cabling Installation & Maintenance chief editor Patrick McLaughlin interviewed Hall for the podcast, at one point asking him why a corporation's CIO would or should care about the type of cabling deployed in its data center. Hall's frank response sheds light on some of the bottom-line benefits that a robust and reliable cabling system can bring to an organization.

This podcast is the first of what we expect to be several to be posted on the cablinginstall.com site.

Listen to or download the podcast here.

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