Data center cabling standards, current and future, in focus

Interview with standards volunteer offers insight into what's hot now and what's ahead.

The standards governing cabling systems within data center environments was the topic of discussion during a recent interview between Cabling Installation & Maintenance and Jonathan Jew. Jew, a partner in the data center design firm J&M Consultants, has spearheaded standards-creation efforts in numerous bodies including the TIA, ISO and BICSI.

A brief overview of that conversation was published as an article in the September issue of Cabling Installation & Maintenance. The conversation can be heard and/or downloaded in its entirety from the podcast section of our web site.

In the interview, Jew talks about the efforts being made on TIA-942-A, the first revision of TIA's data center cabling standard. He explains what the TIA's objectives were more than five years ago when first drafting the standard, and what objectives the group has now for the standard's first revision. He also talks about the recently released BICSI-002-2010 Data Center Design and Implementation Best Practices document. Specifically, he addresses the extent to which it complements rather than competes with TIA-942 and 942-A.

Listen to or download the CI&M interview with Jonathan Jew.

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