Amphenol debuts 40-Gigabit QSFP+ cable series at Cables On Demand

Sept. 22, 2010
The QSFP+ 10GBase-CR4 cable and connector technology offers 40-Gigabit Ethernet and QDR InfiniBand connectivity in a low-profile package.

Endicott, NY -- Amphenol (NYSE: APH) has introduced a 40-Gigabit Ethernet qualified QSFP+ cable series at its exclusive online subsidiary, The QSFP+ 10GBase-CR4 cable and connector technology offers 40-Gigabit Ethernet and QDR InfiniBand connectivity in a low-profile package. The SFF-8436 and IEEE compliant QSFP+ cables round out a complete selection of 40G passive copper and active optical QSFP/QSFP+ cable assemblies in lengths up to 4 km exclusively available from the company at Cables on Demand.

Amphenol says the QSFP+ passive copper cable assemblies represent the pinnacle of the company's high-speed design methodology, coupling a superior die-cast “board-as-connector” platform with a high performance cable configuration known as SKEWCLEAR EXF & EXD. The precision-engineered QSFP+ cable series is manufactured by Amphenol Interconnect Products of Endicott, New York.

According to Nick Blas, Product Marketing Manager for Amphenol Cables on Demand, “As one transcends into Gigabit speeds using copper as the transmission medium, a multitude of effects conspire to degrade signal integrity. QSFP+, operating at data rates of 10.3125 Gbps per channel, pushes the very limits of high-speed circuit design. The Amphenol Interconnect Products Engineering Group navigated around these limitations with several technical breakthroughs.”

Many new design aspects were optimized including the PCB, wire, diecast housing and manufacturing processes. Mr. Blas emphasized, “In order to meet the stringent requirements dictated under the latest 802.3ba (40GBASE-CR4) specification; cross-talk, EMI, and insertion-loss characteristics must be tightly controlled.” Amphenol’s 40-Gigabit Ethernet optimized QSFP+ connector combats unnecessary signal attenuation. EMI performance is significantly enhanced by an upgraded zinc die-cast backshell system.

Amphenol says the QSFP+ Cables enjoy further performance gains through their use of an innovative new wire configuration from Amphenol’s Spectra-Strip division. Known as Spectra-Strip SKEWCLEAR EXF, this extended frequency wire provides a flat frequency response to 20 GHz. “SKEWCLEAR EXF” provides several technological advantages over the competition. By using a new side-drain termination system, crosstalk and impedance discontinuities are dramatically reduced. This benefits the user by allowing use of a thinner gauge wire at a given length, without sacrificing performance. Mr. Blas believes the reduced wire diameter will benefit high density installations where space and flexibility are at a premium.

All Amphenol brand QSFP+ Cables are built around the latest SFF-8436 QSFP+ MSA for broad compatibility with a number of applications. Amphenol QSFP+ passive copper cable assemblies meet or exceed all InfiniBand Trade Association and IEEE 802.3ba (40GBASE-CR4) electrical standards. QSFP+ cables are reverse compatible with existing QSFP enabled ports and are ideal for 40-Gigabit Ethernet, QDR InfiniBand, and other popular communications protocols. QSFP+ effectively merges the capabilities of four individual SFP+ cables into one high-density link. 40-Gig QSFP+ is the ideal interim upgrade on the path to 100-Gig.

1m (3.3 ft) and 3m (9.8 ft) cable lengths are presently available, with additional lengths coming soon. Custom QSFP+ products, including QSFP+ actively equalized copper cables and QSFP+ active optical cables, may be quoted upon request.

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