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Dec. 1, 2008
NexServ and NexNet cabinets are designed for professional data centers of various sizes.

Flexible data center solutions

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NexServ and NexNet cabinets are designed for professionaldata centers of various sizes. NexServ for mission-critical computer servers is available in heights of 25, 42, and 47U, and widths up to 32 inches and depths up to 40 inches. Its x-shaped design is built for excellent airflow characteristics and can simplify cable management through open entry at the top and bottom. Three-piece mounting rails accommodate equipment of assorted depths. NexNet network cabinets (pictured) also feature an x-shaped design and are designed to control and protect large volumes of data center cables and patch cords. Available in the same three heights as the NexServ, as well as widths and depths up to 32 inches, NexNetoffers wide-radius cable management accessories, including offset front cabling channel and cable access windows to protect 10-Gbit and Category 6 cables during patching.

Ventilation via tempered glass door, fan box

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EIA-310-compliant for 19-inch equipment, the Budrack Professional Series features durable steel construction and is furnished with a ventilated tempered glass front door, locking rear door, removable sides, and two pairs of adjustable panel-mounting rails. Also included is a top-mount fan box (two fans for 23-inch depth; four for 31-inch depth), and ventilated shelves (one in the 24U high cabinet, and two in the 40U and 45U cabinets). A cutout covered by 2.5-inch deep metal plates allows for an adjustable cable access opening. The Server Rack Professional Series (pictured) has a 1,700-poundcapacity, and its ventilated locking front door can be mounted on either side. A ventilated split rear door has a solidtriple-point latching system. Panel mounting rails are adjustable, front and back. This seriesalso includes ventilated shelves (one with the 27U and two with the 42U), and a fan box with four fans.

Quick-mount rail design simplifies MACs

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RapidNetRail is designed to support Hellermann-Tyton's RapidNet preterminated network cabling solution and Damac's Axis, Extreme, and Co-Locationseries cabinets for maximizing data center real estate. Maintaining a 24-inch footprint, RapidNetRail features a patented quick-mount rail design that allows for cassette MACs without interrupting rack-mounted equipment in a fully-populated cabinet. It is designed to accommodate overhead and raised-floor cable routing, and uses zero rack-mount space by incorporating RapidNet within the cabinet's rails. Enhanced equipment mounting rails meet 19-inch EIA 310-D industry standards. Up to 20 RapidNet looms can be installed in copper and/or fiber combinations (maximum 120 ports for copper and 240 ports for fiber).

Rack with adjustable waterfall trays

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The Elite Rack Manager (RM945A) is designed to provide ample cable room and two adjustable waterfall trays that maintain proper cable bend radius. The rack holds up to 1,000 pounds and provides 88 cable tie slots. Side channels measure 3 inches wide by 12 inches deep, but the overall footprint can fit in a 24-inch floor tile. Eight cable rings can be rotated for horizontal or vertical cable management. This rack is standard 19-inch EIA 310-D-compliant, and has a lifetime guarantee.

Colocation rack/enclosure solutions

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The CoVault line of enclosures for collocation installations is designed to securely house multiple tenants within the same footprint of a single rack. Built on the company's Eclipseserver enclosure platform, CoVault's multiple compartment racks are designed to gang to single-compartment Eclipseracks, allowing continuous rows of mixed-environmentenclosures. Locking options include mechanical combination and electronic. Reversible cable ducts inside the rack aredesigned to provide secure, separate pathways for power and data lines through either the top or bottom compartment, supporting cable entry from overhead or under a raised floor.Inter-bay divider panels are designed to provide thermalseparation as well as security from the next rack. Optionalremovable cable ports in the Inter-bay panels allowexpansion without having to remove all of a client's existing equipment.

2-post seismic frame

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The Seismic Frame 2-post rack supports 19-inch EIA or 23-inch- wide network equipment in areas that experience seismicactivity. Designed with heavy-duty welded steel, the rack resists swaying motion caused by earthquakes and reduces the amount of vibration transferred through racks to equipment. The rack includes two pairs of adjustable depth mounting rails that can be spaced 6 or 3 inches apart to fit equipment requirements, two masked grounding locations, and two-mounting-hole ground terminal block for simplified connection to the telecommunications grounding busbar. This rack also features proprietary built-in mounting locations along the front and sides for attaching the company's T-shaped Cable Management Fingers and Vertical Power Strips. Accessories include a Vertical Cabling Section, which supplies a double-sided front and rear cable pathway to the rack frame for managing cables.

Audio/video, security solutions

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The XSF and XMF Series for broadcast applications, and the XME and XMER Series for broadcast, audio/video, security and wireless telecom applications feature welded steel frame construction for maximum strength and support. In addition, the racks feature the proprietary Quick Mount System for flexible and simplified cable routing, plus a selection of sizes and options to meet diverse space requirements for height and depth. Units are suitable for stand-alone or ganged configurations. Other features include reversible doors, riser bases, side and top panels, spacing panels, EIA rail kits, drawers, and front-mount work surfaces.Accessories for outfitting enclosures and rack include shelving, mounting devices, and cable tie mounts. Also available are perforated, solid glass and vented doors, and a variety of top panel options to provide passive convective cooling.

Air duct cooling system

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The HP 10K G2 Air Duct rack cooling solution is designed for data center managers looking to eliminate hot spots while optimizing air cooling. It channels hot exhaust air from the rear of the rack directly into the air return to eliminate hot spots and air mixing, increasing cooling efficiency by returning hotter air to the computer room air-handler units. This rack cooling solution suits racks using5 to 14 kW power. The air duct is height-adjustable and has no fans or moving parts. The unit uses pressure from the computer room air conditioning (CRAC) unit to extract air from the rack, and can be retrofitted to existing problem racks or can work with single or multiple racks.

Wall-mount space saver

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ACCESSPLUS II Type 1 wall-mount double-hinged cabinet is designed to handle network equipment weighing from 250 to 500 pounds, and is available in sizes up to 28 inches wide and 30 inches deep. The cabinet, which can be installed by one person, features latch-free sides to permit flush-mount installation in tight spaces and corners, and either solid or tinted safety glass door options. It is available with a gland plate designed to accommodate pre-wired patch panel installation, offers cable tie-down slots, and a vertical cable manager in the 28-inch wide version designed to simplify MACs. ACCESSPLUS II includes grounding and bonding provisions, an optional pole-mounting kit, and compliance with UL, CSA, NEMA, and IEC standards.

Vertical cable management

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The Vertical Cable Rack Manager is designed to be used in conjunction with the company's 19-inch Open Bay Rack, and can provide for efficient management of cables and patch cords. Suited for high-density cable applications, the Vertical Cable Rack Manager moves bundled patch cords from panels to the frame, maintaining proper bend radius at all times. Cable routing is flexible, and re-routing can be achieved via the Quick Fit cable spool, while Quick Snap finger grooves allows for expansion from 1U to whatever size is required. This system is available in 8- and 12-inch versions, and has been designed for left- or right-hand opening.

Thermal management 4-poster

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R4 Series 4-post open frame racks are designed to support deeper, heavier loads than traditional 2-post racks, enhance passive thermal management by venting excess heat, and provide security integrators with versatile mounting solutions. Racks with Cage Nut Rackrail are designed for servers or equipment requiring cage nut mounting hardware, have a steel frame, and offer 1,000-pound capacity plus 100 6-mm rack screws and cage nuts. Racks with 12-24 Threaded Rackrail accommodates networking, telephone and voicemail equipment, routers, and switches, features an aluminum construction, 2,500-pound capacity, and 100 pieces of 12-24 threaded mounting hardware. Each rack style includes patented base angles that can be assembled to fit outside of the enclosure for increased stability, or inside to save space. These racks are available in depths of 24, 30 and 36 inches.

4-post distribution solution

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This 4-post distribution rack has a maximum adjustable depth of 32 inches, offering flexibility to support small and large equipment, and especially suited for heavier and deeper equipment that may exceed the load capacity of a standard 2-post rack. Conforming to all TIA/EIA standards for 19-inch equipment mounting, the 4-post rack is designed to combine the stability of a cabinet with the accessibility of an open frame rack, providing simplifiedaccess to equipment and cabling. Corner posts are C-shaped to provide front and rear support for rack-mountable network equipment, shelves, and cable management panels. This rack can also be used in combination with the company's2- and 4-post racks to accommodate larger installations.

DIN rail mounting adapters

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Model 101 and 102 DIN rail rack adapters are designed to provide a simplified method for mounting DIN rail modules, such as PLCs, signal conditioners,power supplies, and surge suppressors, in a standard 19-inch equipment rack. Model 101 (left) provides three separate DIN rail mounting rails and 54 inches of mounting surface when using standard 35 x 7.5-mm rail, and mounts in 7U panel space.Model 102 (right) provides four separate DIN rail mounting rails and 72 inches of mounting surface, and also mounts in a7U panel space.

Versatile 4-post rack

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This 4-post rack solution can be mounted with all standard rack- or cabinet-mount shelves, panels, or cable management accessories. Width is fixed at 19 inches wide, while depth is adjustable from 24 to 36 inches deep in 1-inch increments.

Single/double-frame open racks

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Nineteen-inch single-frame (ORV1) and double-frame (ORV2) open racks are designed to provide a low-cost storage solution for heavy equipment of varying depths. The racks feature an assembled steel frame, pre-punched holes for anchor bolts in the base plate, pre-cut openings at the top plate for cable tray mounts, and marked and numbered rack-mount units for simplified installation.

Honeycomb airflow design

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The Mighty Mo 10 cable management system features a rack with honeycomb side rails and baffles that work together to manage intake and exhaust air, creating cold aisle/hot aisle air distribution from side-vented equipment. Available in 7- or 8-foot heights, Mighty Mo 10 can be assembled as a 19- or 23-inch rack, has a 16.25-inch channel depth, and can fit on a 2 x 2-foot floor tile. Patented construction features built-in strain relief, bend radius control, and efficient patch cable routing with floor and ceiling access to distribution cables. Optional vented double-hinged front and rear doors are available for added security. The system also includes a serverrack that is compatible with all Mighty Mo 10 and 6 racks andcable management. This 7-foot high 4-post aluminum frame rack has mounting rails that adjust from 12.5 to 30 inches.

4-poster offers cabinet-like stability

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This 4-post rack is designed to provide the stability of a cabinet with the accessibility of an open rack, providing increased flexibility of network layout design and installation. Front- and back-mounting rails move independently of structural members, allowing adjustment after the rack is installed. Rear rail construction is designed to provide a clear ventilation path for side-ventilated switches. A fully bonded structure with a single point ground contact is designed to simplify propergrounding.

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